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Vacuum cleaners for industrial use
from DBI Systems Ltd, dedicated to providing best practice and best value for money equipment for cleaning tasks ranging from small duties up to 20 tonne per hour bulk suction solutions.

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Specialist applications: ATEX
atex units Simple effective Ex II 2 GD c IIC approved vacuum cleaners for wet/dry use from Kerstar. Units are compressed air powered . (Hose tools and spare filter bags included)

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.
ab950ex Special projects for ATEX environments Heavy-duty vacuum system for tank stripping and cleaning works. Collected residues can be stored temporarily in the vessel of the unit prior to onward pumping using in line pumps.

Maximum vacuum: variable
Maximum airflow: variable
Ex II 2 GD c IIC approved vacuum unit.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements

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